25 Dreams Media Training

"Meant for those who was born to be great!"

      The 25 Dreams Media Training Program  offers research-based media strategies, helpful for individuals who are the subject of multi-media interviews. Our  sessions  allow you to delve deep inside  your self,  in order to deliver  your personal  message that aligns with your platform and various audiences.   Whether its a formal or informal interview, this training provides the practice and training to thrive in your media event. This training is a great for artist, actors, athletes, business men and women or anyone who engages in public speaking. 

25 Dreams Media

Training Phase 1

(1 Month Program)

Phase  I of the 25 Dreams Media Training provides all the fundamental ​properties necessary for improving your interviewing techniques and strategies.  These sessions provide you with the information to arm yourself when given a platform to share your message to the masses.  You will learn about the purpose of media, as well as anticipating and dodging difficult questions.  


These sessions are done in

  • 2- four-hour sessions or

  • 4-two hour sessions

This session can also be done online as well as in person. We are located in Los Angeles, all traveling costs will be paid for by the purchaser. To see if this session is right for you can book a  15-minute discovery call. 

Phase 2 Client Customized Consulting 

(2-month minimum)

Media Training Phase 2 - This customized approach to media training and consulting, provides deep and specific assessments of your brand, story, products in order to support your presence and delivery in front of the camera. This session holistically takes a look at you in order to support 

Phase 3 - Real World Media Support 

(3-month minimum)

Media Training Phase 3 provides real-world media support for those individuals who are heavy into their media journey. This customized approach to media consulting, training and advising, provides a hodgepodge of phases 1-3, in addition to hands-on support for an upcoming press tour.